Mirror of the Witch Episode 7 Eng sub

Full Mirror of the Witch Episode 7 Eng sub. Watch Mirror of the Witch Episode 7 Raw and English sub
Our hero does not learn that his stepmother can buy his wicked inept brother a release from jail. All his evidence gathering efforts are wasted. He should have just lured him into the haunted forest and let a mystical white tiger eat him. No harm, no foul for our hero!. I am glad he got to meet the princess again. The fall and freeze in mid air was worth the wait.

I hope the foster father/shaman/priest comes back as a good witch. I am worried he and his son may have a demon or two in them from that witch shaman. She and her squad need to be put down! I blame the queen!
She was in Bridal Mask/Gakistal and Inspiring Generation. She was average to forgettable in both. She is much better in this drama especially this Mirror of the Witch Episode 7 Eng sub. She looks much more relaxed.
It’s getting better and better!! Oh Poor joon, the crying scene broke my heart! 😀 and Korean Elsa! I Just love the whole theme of this!! And where the story is headed!! Deifinatly one of the best Mirror of the Witch Episode 7 Eng sub drama this year! I hope the red rope guy is not the father ><, I getta say i hate the brother even now, I am not even sure if i will like his character through the whole story. Watch Episode 7

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