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Soo Yeon and the Lawyer …2 dumb “so and so’s”
They both knew that Soo Yeon was being watched … even in the hospital.
They knew that the musical score that the brother copied was important.
The Lawyer didn’t want to deal with the brother’s tantrum and left him to keep drawing
guess that from now own this is going to be a revenge plot not only seek for justice… Still i hope that all of this pain wont change OSY and GT, i hate when revenge wins over the seek for justice, i know that they are hand in hand, but when the seek for revenge wins, justice loses..I hope that they can manage to stay true to themselves and their principles
They should just release a copy of the blueprint that Dong Soo made into the public and offer an award for the potential value of the blueprint – or sell it to the Government. This would probably make its value crash significantly, and would effectively destroy everything Byun Ill Jae is working towards. please Monster Episode 26 Eng Sub 2016
I dont find Byun Il Jae’s evil smile irritating at all as much as Gun Woo’s. I only hate Il Jae’s actions, but with Gun Woo… I find his smile so annoying I almost threw my xbox controller to my UHD Curve tv. That’s right.. that’s how much i hate the dude. His presence alone irritate me. The second character i found annoying would be the wife of the chairman, thats why i love it when they went at each others throat. I cant wait to see them destroy each other

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