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Anyone but Hwang Jung eum. She had zero chemistry with Kang Ji hwan in Incarnation of Money and that’s a hard fail to pull off. Since he can generate heat with popsicle at Monster Ep 1 Eng Sub.
I liked them in IoM too, individually and together. But then there was practically nothing about that show I didn’t like. Almost time to rerun it again.
Yay, now Seo Kang Joon is free and can play some Baek In Ho V2.0 who will get a girl.
At least no more second lead/overly serious roles for him, plz Monster Ep 1 Eng Sub drama gods
…Never have seen Kang Ji Hwan’s dramas but I always have feeling like he is playing this exact role..fighting for justice, getting revenge

Watch Monster Episode 1 English Sub

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