Monster Ep 17 18 Eng Sub 2016

Watch full Monster Ep 15 Eng Sub 2016 and Monster Ep 16 Raw. Update Monster Episode 15 Eng Sub 2016 and Monster Episode 16 Eng Sub 2016 full HD.

OMG another Monster Ep 17 and Monster Ep 17 18 Eng Sub 2016 drama – the evil chaebol/corporate head has the same lair. @ 52:11 – that’s SEVEN dramas now. I swear this all the antagonists in korea must have their own private gated community with cookie cutter houses. I half expect to see Baek Eun Do pop out somewhere.
Random fun fact: The actress Soo Hyun (Claudia Kim) who plays Yoo Sung-Ae was also in the American film Avengers: Age of Ultron. She played DR Helen Cho and is obviously quite fluent in English and she actually spent time growing up in New Jersey.
Yeahhh gung woo can have soo hyun. She is useless and he is irritating to watch. I legit just skipped over their parts. Where is the cool NSA spy lady?!

Monster Episode 17
Monster Episode 18

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