Monster Ep 3 Eng Sub 2016

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I’m loving this. Great story, intense acting. Gikwang is doing very well! I started this drama despite knowing that longrun series aren’t my thing. I hope it won’t disappoint me 😉
My God, the uncle is completely nuts. I think his scary laughter is going to haunt me in my dreams.

And this why I hate watching ongoing dramas the wait the suspense the cliff hangers!! Gaaahhh but it’s so good lol
Monster Ep 3 & 4 have been quite a ride. I feel like I just watched an entire 16 episode drama in one sitting, Phew! Almost every drama cliche has been thrown at us 😀 still good though writer-gnims
I cannot wait to see what side our double agent is on now :-)
Damn! I am ready for him to go kick some ass!! But I will miss Gi Kwang

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