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Finally a kiss, not the best one … those two have had better in previous drama, still i liked it, she wasn’t just standing there :) she hug him tight and their bodies were touching… and in the 14th as if they intended to celebrate the korean kiss day 😀
Gi Tan endured so much pain, dear god… i had to turn off the sound and close my eyes it was to painful. That uncle of him deserves the worst kind of punishment available in this world….. Definitely Monster is one of the best dramas i’ve ever seen, still i might be bias, i love these kind of stories that leave us hanging and that stirs my emotions and the acting is Daebak… Kang Ji Wan never disappoints me :)) and the extended cast is also extremely good
This is getting ridiculous. There was no point in killing off an innocent character to show how heartless Il Jae is as a man! That was obvious from the beginning when he killed off the in-laws and covered up the death of his wife caused by the girl friend, now the evil second wife. So, this episode made me more irritated than sad. I fear the remaining episodes may be like this, predictable and irritating, and Il Jae causing more calamity with no end in sight and no entertainment value. But, I keep watching because I like to see Kang Ji Hwan on screen. Love his charisma. Even he can’t carry this drama without a good script. They should have cut out the dead wood and reduced this to no more than Monster Episode 25 Eng Sub 2016. We would be done by now

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