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Full Moorim school Ep 11 English Sub at k-show. Moorim school Episode 11 English Subtitles.
I want to know what happen to a Soon deuk’s dad… Is yoon shi woo is the one who he took from the fire?? And why did the dean decided to make everyone from outside Moorim school Ep 11 English Sub to compete? What happen to Wang Chi Ang that he doesn’t ever think about friendship? Since when though? Oh my god.. there is a lot happening in my brain…
This show is fun enough, but the pacing is starting to drag it down. WAY too much exposition, long winded explanations that go on for too many scenes, and flash backs. I’ve seen the two god damn kids in that burning house like a million times…WE GET IT they’re brother and sister. Enough with the padding already.
I’m going to lose my mind over all the love chaos. And dear God, I just want Chi Ang and Shi Woo to get along. I’m scared of what’s going to happen next, but I’m so excited for it.
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