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The fight scene was a delightful surprise. I really hope Yoon Shi Woo and Wang Chi Ang to become friends. Now, my bet is that that man in the hospital is YSW’s daddy and the woman that was killed was his mom and if i’m not mistaken, that little girl is the principal’s daughter wich
makes her YSW’s sister so he’s probably going to end up with Soon Duk.
The originals pairing are probs going to switch. Please let this be
real!!! Moorim school Ep 5 English Sub
I agree with you I think they are definitely siblings. Especially because during the meditation class last episode Sun-ah says she sees fire – the SAME thing Shi Woo sees. I think the Dean raised Sun-ah as his own daughter thinking Shi Woo was dead and her parents gone. (either that or Dean has a sinister motive). Moorim school Ep 5 English Sub

It’s possible Soon Duk is the sister too but my bet’s on Sun-Ah.
Was waiting so much for the fight and it surprised me lol that was funny can’t stop laughing, can’t wait for more episodes, can’t wait to see where the wolf and Shi woo ended

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