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Watch full Mrs. Cop 2 Ep 13 and 14 English Sub. Free online Mrs. Cop 2 Episode 13 English sub and Mrs. Cop 2 Episode 14 English sub.

Some may think that her feistiness is commendable, but it shows how inept she is at thinking rationally and controlling her emotions.

After she discovered that the recording was stopped, she wanted to rush back to confront “Mr. Slick” …. then after the appeal was not given, she hopped in her car, rushed to his premises, pulled a gun on him, and punched him in his face. Seriously??? What did that achieve? Nothing …. but to show police abuse. So Mrs. Cop 2 Ep 13…

Now she knows she has to move differently. She’s not dealing with a fool …. but a highly skilled tactician. She has to step up her game to catch him.
“Mr. Slick” covers his butt tighter than an old rusted lock…… destroys / leaves no evidence to pry his alibis apart.

Dude sets up damaging scenarios, blackmails, bribes, threatens, manipulates, murders …. and psychs out his victims. He has no conscience.

I think the key to trap him would be the death/murder of his father. He becomes nervous when his father is mentioned, and is deathly afraid of losing his CEO position. Mrs. Cop episode 13 and Mrs. Cop episode 14 has to learn his weakness, and dismantle his confidence in order to break him.

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