Mrs. Cop 2 Episode 20 English Sub

Full HD Mrs. Cop 2 Episode 20 Sub and Raw.

kim bum’s acting is so great…i hope he will plays more important role in next Mrs. Cop 2 Episode 20 English Sub dramas

is the house here at 1:00:13 the same house in Goodbye Mr. Black? i mean Baek Eun Dos house..

The criminal is become wilder in the last episode???

Reminds me of people who are about to die and call in a Priest for the last rites, and forgiveness.
Now that they are dying, they want to “right the wrongs” …. but I guarantee that if he would have been cured, his father would have remained in his gangster ways.

Mr. Slick was the one that denied himself of his love for the piano. He cut his own ligaments himself.
Who does that? Somehow I think the father saw a worse demon in his son and saw him heading faster down a one way track.

But ….like you said. If the father had only talked to Mr. Slick, he may have been less spiteful and greedy. But …. on the other hand, with his “elite” mentality and disdain for the poor, and overall value of human life, I fear it was a little too late for him. He was a bad seed. Please Mrs. Cop 2 Episode 20 English Sub

Takes a lot of chutzpah to cut your own ligaments. That shows what kind of mentality you’re dealing with.

The mother…. typical mother who loves her son.
She played the ostrich …… kept her head in the sand. (I see nothing, therefore I know nothing ….not my son)
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