Mrs. Cop Season 2 Ep 5 Eng Sub

Full Mrs. Cop Season 2 Ep 5 Eng Sub. Watch Mrs. Cop Season 2 Episode 5 English Sub
so far the cast of 2 and the acting is a little bit disappointing compared to 1. Hope the cast continues to develop role wise as the series proceeds.
i think the plot kinda look like the first season and only with a diffrent casting. bcs the first season also like this, someone who have power kill people who dont have any power and etc. but let see it first how it will be
i miss Min Jong oppa and Kim Hee Ae together… without her and Min Jong oppa’s flirtatious scenes its pretty boring but i’ll still watch it cuz Min Jong oppa is in the drama Mrs. Cop Season 2 Ep 5
very good made me want to watch Mrs. Cop Season 2 Ep 5 Eng Sub right now so interesting

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