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My lovely girl is the hottest film of 2014. The film is a love story between a girl interesting music enthusiasts and son of president head of Korean music producers. The film was appreciated for humanity.
MyLovable Girl tells of a girl – Yoon Se Na (Krystal) lost both his mother and sister were in the traffic accident. Her mother died when she was quite small. Therefore, her life depends on her sister. But fate did not smile at her. During a trip to visit family and lovers. CuaYoon Se Na sister were killed in traffic accidents.

Since then her life must be completely independent. Without anybody help her. Yoon Se Na craft enough to do for a living and learning. In this girl has a burning love music pleasure. Therefore, in his spare time she often learned to compose music.

Meeting her fate was met Hyun Wook (Rain) ex-boyfriend of her sister. On a trip to visit family who love her, Hyun Wook was the one who drove sister Yoon Se Na. Two people have quarreled during travel and the work has become more serious as the car accident. Hyun Wook which is a multi-talented dudes. He is a talented music producer. However, since the accident he had separated himself from the present life.

Until one day Yoon Se Na accidentally call her sister Hyun Wook is at the same time retaining your handset old girl overheard the center of Yoo Se Na. He was determined to find the missing sister of his ex-girlfriend.
Cinema My Lovely Girl “My Lovely Girl” SBS has recently officially released the first teaser, starring Rain and Krystal, My Lovely girl was first aired on Monday 17 / 9 with highly appreciated 

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