My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week Episode 6

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  • i also think tuna mayo is soo yeon herself …. but whatever the reason she has for doing such an act …she is unforgivable
  • That scene with the lawyer is hilarious! I thought he was quite flexible, bending his ankles like that! XDDDD
    My fave funny scene of Ahn PD was when he tried to book a room but nothing’s available. XDDDDD
  • Atty Choi has me in tears after his workout. He’s so sore that he can barely move. he tried to look cool when he got stuck on the door and those women needed to pass, I died laughing. LOL
    I keep watching it over and over. Serves him right following behind that young fitness instructor
  • I wished Hyun Woo would try to at least not insult the other person when trying to talk to them for their perspective cos it doesn’t do him any favours. But the cheating doesn’t seem like she did it out of fun or pleasure, could it be that the Manager is using his position in ways to have made her cheat with him, we’ll soon find out. I wonder if Hyun Woo’s mum, the way she talks to Soo Yeon kind of gives me a bad feeling.

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