Neighborhood Hero Ep 11 Eng sub

Watch Neighborhood Hero Ep 11 Eng sub
Baek Shi Yoon is seriously compelling. He has people genuinely believing in him, and willing to put themselves on the line for him. I was so discouraged after episode 9, but now am all the more encouraged after 10. Well done, Im Tae Ho, Choi Chan Gyu and Writer Bae!
he afraid he also disposable(die) so he want power an authority did he know he will live another day tomorrow n after…
So they had to make the writer stupid, and the hairdo really doesn’t suit Park Shi Ho. And it’s all in the hair, so important….:)
The main actress seems a little stupid for telling everyone all the secrets eh in Neighborhood Hero Ep 11 Eng sub
Watch epissode 11

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