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Comment for episode 15:
Yeah. I experienced it beforehand whilst watching She Was Pretty (Fall 2015), but I didn’t quite like that Oh My Venus episode 15 English Subtitles drama so its effect was kind of lost on me. I still haven’t gotten around to watching this yet, though. Do you like it so far?
good answer!!! u may begin! hehehe… Enjoy the ride! i’ve actually re-watched everything up till now and i still roared with laughter at all the comical moments
Just replying you after 29 days cuz imma gonna watch it now since its about 2-3 weeks left till it finish airing… All I need is 2-3 days to finish this to the latest episode  15…Oh… someone said it WAS a great drama so I thought it was completed. Thank the lord, I finally get on a drama that’s airing!
It seems that this movies Oh My Venus ep 15 Eng Sub has a huge fan base. There are many fans looking forward to each episode will be aired.

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  • Lynn

    Epi 15 eng sub please i can’t wait looking forward to the next episode both shin mina and so ji sub were great in this drama.

    • Candid

      Short, sweet, to the point, FR-ElexactEy as information should be!


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