On the Way to the Airport Episode 15

Full HD On the Way to the Airport Episode 15 Engsub

  • Captain Park….the gentleman of Sidney……did not disappoint. He’s finally taken notice of his wife and it’s driving him crazy. He’s been so arrogant and so cocksure, just the idea of SA having an affair is outside his realm of possibilities and beyond his understanding. I love how it’s driving him up the wall. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want more of crazy Jin Seok next week. Honestly I’m looking forward to it. I had tears rolling down my face……crazy JS makes me that happy
  • there exists a couple like us ..is what he said when his mom told him to get SA back n live together…..dude when u left her ….u left her for everything …now u dont have right to question her, just because some paper marriage u both have…..irrespective of your affair u lost that right…..
    no one question other over paper marriage…where no one care other …. go crazy dude….I want her to hit him badly….i m sure she wont do.. at least by this he realize how useless of a guy he is… that no women want in her life…not some gentleman of Sidney…
  • Besides his personality disorder…..there’s something else going on with him. In earlier episodes both MJ and his mother spoke about this ‘problem’ he had before he married CSA. And it almost seems like he’s having panic attacks when he’s not in control. I wonder just crazy this guy really is.
  • True I am beginning to think he has some sort of disorder up in there. Remember the mom mentioned that he hated his dad and If I remember correctly something was mentioned earlier on about his fear of dark rooms or some sort of phobia. Indeed there is more to the in control capt park than what meets the eye. ple On the Way to the Airport Episode 15 Engsub

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