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  • Look how HW’s mind works… that core being can never change, I wonder what SDW loved about her.
    JS is shocked…Players get played. See in real life JS would hurt SA because they are dangerous people and to them they do no wrong. You’re only in the world for them to use, according to the way they (falsely) view themselves.
  • Captain Jin-Suk and his mother are two emotionally deficit human beings they need to live together and leave Hyo-Eun and Soo- A’s world alone…. what a pair!!! Also I am at the edge of my seat wanting desperately to know who on earth is Kim Hye-Won, why has she been lying, why is her heart so cold and why did she destroy her “daughter’s” precious little life…. and hurt Seo Do-Woo’s mom to the extent of maybe causing her death!!!
  • i love how in the end, DW and SA decided to divorce their partner not because of each other, but because of their own reason. DW divorce HW because she lied about raising a daughter she didn’t raised. And SA decided to divorce JS because she can’t stand that arse player anymore. Just like mijin said, if soo ah wants to divorce JS just because she wants to be with DW, then she will againts it. But then, she wants to do that because she has her own reason to do so,. Well yeah, good job Doh Woo and Soo Ah. it just that the two of them is a pair made from heaven. Can’t wait to see them as a couple!

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