On the Way to the Airport

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I agree with you…

  • As example, woman who got married and then run away from her husband… we can say she is a bitch but why dont we spend some time to be friend with her, ask her politely and who knows maybe we can found out the real answer why she had run away…
  • I know people who won’t watch any drama with child or animal abuse. Doesn’t matter the story. They won’t. Or with unhappy endings. Or with war as a subject. They are sensitive and want to avoid that. Hey, that’s their right.
  • Waiting for the person you can trust is good. I got to the point where I’d tell possible date subjects, “I go to church and I don’t date outside my religion. And I won’t have sex until I’m married.” Anyone who had an issue with that was NOT for me. Period. When I found Mr. Right, it’s been joy like mad for 34 years. I still thank God for him EVERY DAY in my prayers, because he is so good to me and so devoted.

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