One More Happy Ending Eng sub

Full One More Happy Ending Eng sub. This is the best Korean Drama 2016. Watch One More Happy Ending English sub
yeaa..well so but m so addicted if i start some new drama i have to finish it in 2-3days n in india study is all u can do..i hate that the most
really good! I don’t think I’ve ever skipped any episode of this drama. The pace did slow down for a little while but it picked up from ep 30 forward when Kill Bang Won appeared. If I was to compare this to Queen Seon Deok however, I would say that this is one or two notch(es) lower, possibly because the villains aren’t as strong and interesting as Mishil ever was. The good thing about this is Yoo Ah In, his eyes and gestures are always very expressive so you could never feel the time passing. :)
How’s Shin Se Kyung’s acting? Has it improved?
I dropped it at e16… since I have nothing else to watch and I’m on work hiatus with lots of time on my hand, I’m considering watching it again…

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    Very true! Makes a change to see soenmoe spell it out like that. :)


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