One More Happy Ending Ep 13 14 Eng sub

This One More Happy Ending Ep 13 14 Eng sub was the first time I felt like Hae Joon had human feelings. He went about everything the wrong way, but I hope he learned from his time with Mi Mo how to respect another person and not just be with them by how they make you feel but also by how you make them feel. Nowhere was this more obvious than when Soo Hyuk looks at a crying Mi Mo and says sadly, “I only wanted to make you smile.” Soo Hyuk just wants to make her happy; his own happiness comes second. That’s not the case with Hae Joon. His most passionate feeling was jealousy.
why guys in One More Happy Ending Ep 13 14 Eng sub drama must be this attractive? first i’m falling for euntaek and now so hyuk (for now)! omg, now if i think about it One More Happy Ending Ep 13 14 Eng sub drama really ruined my ideal type since autumn in my heart era!wonbin won my heart back then!
I though that whole thing with the cue cards was so cheesy. It’s such a contrived thing to do – it’s exactly the kind of thing that would make me worried about the guy’s sincerity. It’s such a player move.
Ha-ha-ha! Literally did a “saboteur”. In the Industrial Revolution, when the workers mean to stop production in order for management to listen to them, they would literally throw a shoe/boot into the machines. Machines then stop and production grounds to a halt. That shoe delivered Mi Mo’s “grievance” in very clear terms. So there!
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