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I just broke my New Years Resolution “Not to talk about Korean Dramas with friends or family.” This is because they look at me like I am crazy after fifteen minutes or more of my excited babble. This Page Turner Episode 3  drama had me talking before I realized what I was doing. I stopped before they kicked me out of the room, but I need a Korean Drama discussion group here in Seattle or I am going to go crazy. I enjoy this drama so much!
i soo always played quiet reserved bad boys so it’s nice to see him changing up his roles. His character is so outgoing and eager it’s awesome. I only wish this Page Turner Ep 3 drama was longer. Three episodes is not enough! thank for post Page Turner Ep 3 Eng sub
ugh, I fell so hard for Jin Mok when he was helping Yoo Seul in the background without letting her know. I loved how instant his actions were, so she wouldn’t feel like she couldn’t manage electronic gateways or slippers on her own.
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