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Full Please Come Back Mister Ep 15 Eng sub and Please Come Back Mister Ep 16 Eng sub. Korean Drama Please Come Back Mister Episode 13 English sub.

I really love the female dynamics in this Please Come Back Mister Episode 15 drama! A lot of the k-drama I’ve seen in the past usually have an over the top cruel, calculating, conniving, backstabbing female role (for example- the rival love interest or the mother-in-law, or the wealthy grandmother). This drama is so refreshing with the three main female leads getting along and caring for one another. It’s really endearing to watch :)
lol hong nan finally got her skills at boxing back but every time she got hit she’d squeal lol. that scene with young soo’s father in the attic confused me tho, so does he know who the lee jae hoon in front of him or not? and for that ending, not cool man, standing up the same woman twice even after your death. not cool. you even made her wait long twice too.
in the episode when she was tricked by that director, who told told her she was going to be the lead actress of an upcoming Please Come Back Mister Ep 15 Eng sub drama. And in the press conference of that drama, the fans of the other lead actress started to throw food at her :(
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