Please Love the Useless Me Episode 7 Eng sub

Please Love the Useless Me Episode 7. Full Please Love the Useless Me Episode 7 English sub
Damn I knew it was too good to be true! For them to put it up the same day i was like no way there had to be someone i just wasnt sure. Perfect timing i guess ahaha,thanks to you,I get to watch it. I couldn’t find it anywhere.
bc its a nature law that multiple people cant request the same drama, right ? :’)
seriously, you guys are all so silly with the “who posted it first” battles :p the main point is that the drama is actually uploaded :p
I don’t care, I just love Dean Fujioka
from Just You and his other taiwanese dramas
been following him years ago, he rarely has a lead role , so i’m gonna watch this for sure.

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