Please Love the Useless Me

i love this Please Love the Useless Me drama. waiting for the sub just killing me he he he. really appreciate the subbed team. ganbate!
This is the first time i think japanese Please Love the Useless Me drama is good.this drama dont have any weird thing like other j drama
wow…and this is newly aired this month… jap dramas are usually shorter than koreans’, so we should have more of ’em!! hehe…. always thankful to those who follow the scene & requests for all these dramas… domo arigato gozaimasu! :)
Damn I knew it was too good to be true! For them to put it up the same day i was like no way there had to be someone i just wasnt sure. Perfect timing i guess ahaha,thanks to you,I get to watch it. I couldn’t find it anywhere.

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  • Chamomile

    Hey, good to find soenome who agrees with me. GMTA.


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