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among all the girls, kim sohye is the only that makes me cry, like seeing how much she improved and how she is working soo hard, i feel soo happy, she really deserved the first place, love love her, everytimes she cries, ugh i cry too, she really work soo hard.
i honestly dont like the way they do the instant vote because the one who really worked hard by staying up all night were the one who didnt get to show their potential skill and ended up getting the least vote especially the leader and the one who only get the most part are the one who is most likely win. it should be a liitle more fair if all they hard work is being show as the preview in the real stage so they person voting offline could see and make a rational judgement and it wil be really nice if they dont exagerate the center because honestly the rest of the teammate would just have only certain part to show their talent which cannot be expressed truly. it will be very nice if all of the teammate have equal chance and part on every performance. p/s: Produce 101 Ep 9 Eng Sub is only my opinion because i actually know how it felt to be left out and not being able to show your realself :)
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