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Can someone explain me why people are voting so much for JYP trainee Somi? I know she participated in a program to get in TWICE, but she failed. I’m neutral here, since I haven’t seen that program, but the things they show of her on THIS show… I’m not that impressed. Of course she has a unique look, but her vocals and dancing do not stand out compared to some other trainees. I know I’ll most likely get dislikes for this comment, but I’m really neutral here. I’m not for or against her. Her attitude on this show just annoys me for some reason. Just the look in her eyes sometimes. She was disappointed to get ranked second. Like… chill? At least you weren’t ranked 72th!Right???
I’m quite neutral on her as well but I think past fans who watched SIXTEEN just really enjoyed her fun and silly personality on the show. She’s still young so her skills are always improving so I also think fans want to see her improve on P101 especially after not being able to join TWICE because of her age.
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