Remember – War of the Son Ep 12 English Sub

Watch Remember – War of the Son Ep 12 English Sub
Episode 12 is the most sadness part of the drama..i cried a lot omg. what will happend next,the stupid police is so devil…i want to crush him into pieces
So, the police couldn’t find the coffin because it was hidden behind a wall, yet there are multiple windows revealing another room from the outside. Okay, then. Also, they make the villains/characters too obvious. I think most would have guessed the attorney’s identity as well as the doctor or whatever as well near the beginning. Too predictable.
I am beginning to be suspicious of that gangster-uncle of Atty. Park. Although he just wants Atty. Park’s safety, he seems to do everything to suck up to Nam Gyu Man. I feel there’s more to his character than just that.
ohhhh seriously, people makes the people to become like that, psycho, killers… Watch Remember – War of the Son Ep 12 English Sub.
but now, why did one of the police man hide the fact he was in the criminal scene of the former old policeman? im thinking bout it, hes adopted, right?? and whos the kid who kill the other kidd pretending it was an accident?

Watch episode 12

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