Reply 1988 Ep 17 Eng Sub

Watch Reply 1988 Ep 17 Eng Sub. The best movie Reply 1988 Ep 17 English Subtitle Korean Drama
Because the last 2 were 16 episode runs, and this is a 20. So the pacing is different, which can be hard to handle.
So far both Taek and JunghWan have sacrificed their love for their friend, basically they even out now. I badly want Taek to be the one, but since they make JunghWan to look like the innocent one who gets no love etc in movie Reply 1988 Ep 17 Eng Sub. they are probably going to make DukSeon choose him.
My heart hurts for Taek, he’s such a wonderful person! I really do love him! But yeah I want Duk Seon with Jung Hwan. And after all Jung Hwan has been holding back as well after figuring out that Taek likes Duk Seon..
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