Reply 1988 Ep 19 English Sub

Watch Reply 1988 Ep 19 English Sub
I’m so glad I ended up watching this. I basically had low to no expectations coming into this and so this Reply 1988 Ep 19 English Sub drama just blew me away and then some. So funny and heartwarming. A gem of a Reply 1988 Ep 19 English Sub drama. And getting to see a bit of what S. Korea was like during that time is really interesting too.
Or maybe she told Bora about their dinner and asked her sister to join them since SW will also be there. Or something. I’m sure there’s a perfect reason for checking her pager and looking at the door at that crucial scene. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about this show is that it’s a trap to assume and that things are never how they are presented. Remember that we’re just always seeing a part of the picture.

Things will be revealed in time. For me right now, it’s actually more important to keep my faith that it will be Jung Hwan. I wanna see that I can believe it’s him until the end no matter what they present to us. If it ends up not being so, I wanna know that I didn’t waver^^ So let’s hold fast to our hopes and trust in whichever ‘endgames’ we believe in. As Deoksun’s mom says, let’s believe until the end^^
His name is joo hyuk and he’s in 2 days 1 night, and funny thing is, he’s actually more like bogum in real life xD he actually do walk pityly like bogum sometimes lol xD I miss him!

Watch Reply 1988 Ep 19 English Sub

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