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I’m finding this J-drama really refreshing. I will be waiting for the rest of this sweet and funny love story. After the 1st episode they changed the name from The Most Difficult Love In The World to the Japanese title Sekai Ichi Muzukasii Koi. Oh well the best part is that I found it. Just finished episode #3 and it just seems to get better and better.
This is super cute! I’m already attached to his secretary and driver. They want him to be happy and find a woman. The secretary is the best with her straight face one liners!
Ahh!!! I got confused for a second… Hahaha.. I think I must be losing my memory or something [oh God! My worst fear!]… I forgot I wrote a comment under the English title of this instead of this original one… Haha… Was going crazy looking for it, thinking it was removed… But really, I did not need to say all of this… Smh…

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