She Was Pretty

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She Was Pretty is a romantic drama between the two main characters have relationships from small mount. The meeting between Park Seo Joon Sung Joon will be playing and Hwang Jung-eum will play Hye Jin.

Sung Joo is a guy ever had a guy past fattened always been friends bullied. But after all, the home to the US settlement guy suddenly becomes different. When mature Sung Joon successful and extremely handsome Once back in Korea to prop up companies during the development stage, he met her old friend Hye Jin.

Hye Jin is a girl who once had good past. She is the rich lady, however beautiful her family went bankrupt and at this stage of family life becomes more difficult. Also from here, her face was no longer the beauty of mother again instead of the characteristics of the face of her father. She inherited almost entirely flushed complexion, curly hair and easygoing temperament.

Predestined fate that binds two people completely separated on family background and career. She Was Pretty movie with extremely humorous details and romantic

She Was Pretty episode 1 Eng Sub bởi emily170290

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