Shopping King Louie Episode 14

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  • This Shopping King Louie drama is soo good! You wont regret watching it!! Im trying hard to fight the urge to watch the rest of the episodes when they come out since i wanna watch it all in one go after its complete!!! *sigh* the struggle.
  • Oh my, to be able to finish the 26 episodes within 2 days…I salute you.
  • I watch the 2003 version a long time ago and now i try to watch the new version, it’s still funnier as ever..
    I am tempted to watch the old one but I feel its a little too late to do so now. I just want to enjoy this one so I have resolved not to do a marathon on the older version. I hope I will enjoy it. This sexy oppa has a lot attitude, he is pompous and arrogant and he is very temperamental. He throws a temper tantrum like a 3 year old.
  • Thank you so much for your contribution chingu and yes i am struggling with this drama and i am seriously considering ditching it because i am watching the old version already and yes i am loving it. It was a huge struggle to take a breather i was so curious as to what will happen next. I greatly appreciate your input and i agree with our lead in the older version is the real deal lol.
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