Shopping King Louie Episode 15

Drama : Shopping King Louie Episode 14
– watching it raw again sunbae? I agree with you saying great writing and great acting,all the actors fits like a glove in their roles and the writer and director are working very well together.Very good drama,i would put this up in the shelf together with Oh My Venus and Beautiful Gong Shim.This is an honest rom com with just a twist of something for extra flavor.
– So a little tid bit for those confused as to where or why Mr. Kim says Bok Nam and Bok Sil are familiar people to him… /No it is nothing notorious or nefarious… Lol…/
– Could it be that Mr Kim really known Bok Shil parents before they die ???
– I hope that the accidents of both Bok Sil and Louis parents is not related to each other, if there are relation his grandmother might not approve her. Please don’t add another reason for them to not being together..
I think they already met in the past. But why loius is not asking bk shil about that now his memory is back.

– Remember the scene when louis ask bok shil if they already met before. that was when louis remember something from the past.

– If im not mistaken It was the scene whene bok shil place the house bug outside the window.

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