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We seem to be in the same drama boat :)) my resistance went down the drain as soon as I saw the name So In-guk, with Yoon Sang Hyun tossed in the mix.–No worries Oppa Lover, if these dramas do take over our lives, we will go out with a smile on our faces

Dear Prince So, u’ve taken over my life too. It seems that there is too much of concurrence here. But don’t waste your time on them, I’M HEEERE xD Cheer for our love !
( Yes, I’m really obsessed by Moon Lovers x’D)

Lol we all are dear. I was reading comments on our next episode and I was shocked to see 52 comments 12 hours before the airs. So many campers. Shows we love moon lovers and our moonday

I’m agree with you. This drama really are taking over people’s life..?
Finally, a Watch Full Shopping King Louie drama i could watch and laugh with all my heart…

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