Six Flying Dragons Ep 47 Eng Sub

Six Flying Dragons Ep 47 Eng Sub
Well the drama is not about lee bang won being a king and taking the throne it’s about what happened before that and how he became the lee bang won we all know now! And they still didn’t finish the shooting yet so I hope also that they will extend it I don’t know how i’m gonna live without this Six Flying Dragons Ep 47 Eng Sub drama
Yep, the writers spent a lot of time on that stupid, messy, boring Nameless subplot. wish they had taken a different direction than that. Bang Won didn’t take the throne until years after killing JDJ so they’ll probably skip the second strife of princes, which I was looking forward to seeing

Well, YeonHee and Dang Sae are fictional characters, so it’s difficult to tell, though I don’t expect any surprises., Sambong and BongWon on the other hand are actual historical figures and we already know what awaits Sambong.

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