Something About 1 Percent Episode 13

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– I love strong female characters like DaDa and her friend. If the episodes were a little longer we could get more awesome friendship scenes… :( I wish her friend would get her own romance in this show.
I really like what Tae Ha did. So he’s not a lost cause…Now I kind of wish that Jae In and his cousin would start working together. Their bickering relationship could be funny.
– Hmm i thought so too>.< in life you don´t Need 20 friends just one trustworthy will be enough who will go throug happy and bad times with you <3 - Idk about that. The friend let completely-drunk-DaDa go with a guy she doesn't know much about. Then again, she probably trusts Jae Ha based on DaDa's feelings and stuff, but I still don't think its right. - I hope so, but it already 13 episode and they still did not meet each other.. And I've actually was waiting for it from the first episode...Hahahahaha Watch Episode 13

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