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– Han Joo Hui thực sự chọn nhầm người để chọc tức, cô chỉ làm cho Dae Hyun tự tin hơn và can đảm để chứng minh tình yêu của mình … Tôi thực sự thích cách Dada nói lại với cô ấy ..
– I like they didn’t change her feisty personality to a wimpy one who backs down in front of a chaebol. Do you see her friend and his cousin together? I do.
– It’s not like he’s a complete stranger she picked up at the place. She has met him multiple times, and talked about him with Da Da and also the fact that he *is* Da Da’s official boyfriend it’s quite normal in my opinion that he could come and pick her up.
– That’s true. Never mind then XD I didn’t really think about that.
I also had a little problem about the friend telling DaDa to drink alcohol as if the problems would go away but I realized that it was probably because DaDa was feeling down and so alcohol could make her feel happier or help DaDa talk about it so she’d feel better later.
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