Survival Audition KPop Star S5 Eng Sub Full

Watch Kpop Star S5 Eng Sub Full

Over many Kpop Star section. So far Survival Audition K-Pop Star season 5 officially broadcast. Reality TV programs, music talent search Kpop Star s5 (Survival Audition K-Pop Star s5) officially back on SBS.
Wow, this last one was good. There’s also a second part, I think it’s a special since its not subbed. Its with all 3 winners from Kpop4. It’s about were they are now & what there doing. JSH is living with Sam Kim, it was nice to see him again.
Brody is gonna have to step it up a level to get passed second round… I really hope she does
Hahah everyone who auditions with this song on Kpop Star s5 are always awkwardly cute…anyone else remember last season’s audition? xD
so happy my girl is back lol she improved and just got prettier omg! she should be in jyp for sure! brody eonnie is here for you! fighting
Okay, it had a great beginning but then it gradually went downhill and the way she pronounce husband made me cringe and it was supposed to be a part of the song title. I’m gonna go listen to Meghan.

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    Halo. Do you have a link for spesial eps please?

  • Kerriann

    So much info in so few words. Totlosy could learn a lot.


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