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Ok Nyeo could really be a member of the royal family and I base my guess on this piece of crucial evidence everybody forgot about: in episode 1 when her mom died in prison after giving birth, she left Ok Nyeo two jade rings and a hair pin in a dark silk bag. You can see the hair pin in the hand of Ji Chun-Deuk, her adoptive father, at minute 24 and min 30 in the first episode. An identical hair pin appears in the hands of Queen Moonjung at minute 27 to 29 in the first episode. However, so far Ok Nyeo´s adoptive father only gave her the jade rings but not the hair pin. Ok Nyeo should have in her possession the royal family heirloom too, the blue stoned hair pin identical to the one the Queen owns. This will probably show up latter on. The Flower in Prison Ep 19
That gaze tae won made in the end of the preview was soooo…loving. Admit it ur jealous of the King!
that was sad when she read park tae letter
i am wondering too lol,no one knows who oknyeos father was ,they think because her mother was a palace maid ,women who belong to the king,that the child must be king injong child (oknyeo ) but i don’t think so ,just seem so cliche ,im guessing her dad was someone in high position or her mother left the palace when she found out about the poisoning and when the king died ,the queen sent her people to kill all the maids

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