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Watch The Flower in Prison Episode 18 Eng sub. Update The Flower in Prison Episode 18 Raw (date 3/7)
I love all the different ships, but we all know that above anybody else it’s going to be Tae Won that will be with Ok Nyeo. Or they may pull an Empress Ki on us all….. But I don’t know when we are going to see sparks between them. We can see the unbreakable bond, but I don’t see romantic feelings developing yet. But this is a 50 episode show so I know the writers are taking their time with the story in general and their relationship. I’m just going to enjoy all the different triangles, lol!!!
I am SO shipping Ok Nyeo and the King!! I think Tae Won is her brother, and the more time passes, I am convinced of it. Also, I really , really see the Law officer falling for her too, especially with that preview!! Can’t wait till next week gentle viewers
She’s cute with the King, but he’s the King (his status is way above hers), and like you said, history isn’t on their side. Her and Tae Won make a great looking couple, despite the age difference between the actors – but I’m not getting much sparks there – just what seems a really wonderful friendship. Now, Jihun, he’s a pretty difficult guy, but I think he has the most room for growth and it will be interesting to see where they take his relationship with Ok Nyeo.
Ok, this needs to be said-the jokes in this episode are just superb and spot on to the point that I keep giggling even when the episode is over due t flashbacks lol #SaltFarmin

EXTRA: This episode touched my heart with how well the chemistry with the actors has grown. If this keeps up I’ll most likely cry like a schoolgirl if any character on the “good” foot dies
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