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Full The K2 Episode 15 Engsub
She needs to kill Jeha,.. ngl, this is the 1st time I’ve ever wished the main to die.
Please kill Jeha !!
and death for Yoojin is too good, she needs to suffer for a long time.
Shin dong mi is indeed one amazing actress lol. Passing the character like brewed coffee.
She is disgusting. I wish to see her getting what she deserves. Evil spawn. ffs. What a bad timing to get a shot and “unfriendzone” YooJin Jeha…. fucking hell lol. Get to fight fresh after surgery… lol I guess some shit might happen. YooJin is unloved and pretty bad but she opened Cloud 9 like a public party for everyone because of JeHa lol

Butthurt secretary.

Lollololol the subway and drink ads in his flashbacks xD I started laughing in the middle of his death omg. Sorry JeHa xD But fucking hell. Yoona did a half ass job in the beginning of the episode but ended up well.

Considering how intense both are too.

Song Yoon A and Chang Wook are just a gift from acting gods. Anything they do specially so close like that it feels like beyond real. You can slice the tension. lol.

Gonna rewatch and recry all over subs later.

PUFF EYES BECAUSE OF THIS MAN. FFS. My tears. His tears… Everyone is crying.
Hers is spelt yun-ah.
All the same. I thought she was talking abt snsd yoona that was why i corrected

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