The K2 Episode 16 Engsub

Watch The K2 Episode 16 Engsub

both are yoona. written the same in korean. yuna or yoona is up to which standard of romanization is used. many yoonas in korea lol

One thing you have to give it to her, she is loyal to the bone…

Anyway, Je Ha character made a 90 degree turn here (watched it raw, so i could be wrong) which i don’t know why he did that…?

Only reason i can think why Je Ha sudden changed in character here is coz Mr PD wants to increase ratings so that snsd fanatic fans starts watching this k-drama back… From today onward, PD guy for this drama will be knowns as PDR – Mr PD Ratings

What 90 degree turn? Jeha has always been clear that he dislike Yoojin and he is just working for her to get his revenge on Park Kwan Soo.
Jeha has always look at Yoojin with a disgusted face except the umbrella scene where he probably pitied Yoojin for all the people against her.
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