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I loathe it every time Na-yeon is showing Tae-joon small sweet acts of sweetness although I’d like to believe it’s premeditated or it’s part of her plan to make the selfish, ambitious suckerfish realise how much he has lost in having Se-jin/Baekdo. I shipped them hard, hence I can’t help not to cry with Hwi-kyung at the charnel house when it finally dawned on him that Do-hee is dead and that before she died, the unresolved conflict b/w them wasn’t smoothened out. I never had the chance to say this, but I’ll say it now: Please …The Promise Episode 82 Eng sub

One of the few realistic kdrama the actors and actresses (young and middle age) are killing it
A drama is good is when you are talking to your laptop or TV screen
SJ pay back time… NY you go girl!
Agree, but i don’t blame him for not earning this title thanks to his evil wife who plotted all this mess, i blame him for being stupid and watching his evil wife and so called daughter tourturing poor NY, he deserves to be miserable beside his evil manipulative wife, serves him

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