The Promise

Full The Promise (Korean Drama)

Hmmmm im sure the kissing scene was longer in yesterday’s episode ?. But Omg imagine if Do Hee marries HK, they will all be living in one big house, that would be so much fun to watch ?. I think now that Tae Joon has seen that the handwriting is the same, he is gonna start digging more. And about HK mom, even if she tells the big secret to someone, Se Jin mom is gonna make sure no one believes her especially now with her illness.
This is definitely worth watching! This one and Happy Home are making me mental! The evil in-laws are criminal in this one! Ugh! It is long, but, you will be thankful the story is properly developed. Also, watch Descendent of the Sun. The best kdrama so far this year. It’s short, sweet, funny, tragic at times and romantic, very romantic for an action kdrama. The ending is satisfying. No disappointments
Really need to watch this one subbed. So, DH’s mother is telling NY how she stole her sister from their mom? I guess she felt the need to come totally “clean” with NY. Yes, I think that she might be a powerful ally in the revenge NY is plotting.

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