The Return of Superman ep 110 Eng Sub

The Return of Superman ep 110 Eng Sub| 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 >> Full The Return of Superman episode 110 English Subtitle
seems these kids have earned the love of the fans. The children in The Return Of Superman really lovely and cute

Comment For Episode 110:

Am I the only one who saw the outfit Haru was wearing when she went 2 c the murals and thought, ‘That outfit reminds me of what Taeyang was wearing.’? She even had the bandanna tied around her head and had her hair pulled back, it reminded me of when his hair was in cornrows and he wore a bandanna like Haru did. So The Return of Superman ep 110 eng sub

Minguk is a born starxD he memorizes songs so well and easily and sings them confidently
and int he room when hes like “mr. what are u doing?” like a million times it sounds like celebs telling paparazzis or fans not to follow or watch themxD
minguks such a neat freak, i laughed so much when minguk kept saying “i got some here”
and daehans prob a bigger neat freak cus hes always clean and wont even touch dirt The Return of Superman ep 110 eng sub

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