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Kim Woo Bin’s superb acting is daebak. The scenes with his eomma always break my heart
Oh I cried so much in this episode, when she said for a year, ten years I started crying!! This dorama is so sad but so beautiful!
Heartbreaking this uncontrollably fond Episode 13 English Sub but for the the worst was when he was bagging his manager to open the door “please let me go” “i need to go” and he was kicking the door with his head and crying at the same time. God his acting is so amazing. I was crying like a baby
I know that his president is trying to protect Woo bin but Goddamn I fucking hate that guy and the prosecutor’s wife is insecure little bitch.
Woo bin aced this episode with flawless acting every emotion was bang on even I felt his helplessness
I’m surprised with how much willpower Shin Joon Young has. After five years of getting ignored by his mother you would think that he would have a lot of resentment towards her. He’s a really good son. Also when his father was yelling/scolding him he could have easily argued that he left him and his mom so he has no right to yell (which I was kinda hoping for) but he all he did was stick up for No Eul at uncontrollably fond Episode 13

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