Unpretty Rapstar

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Unpretty Rapstar is a reality TV show is very popular in Korea today. In the program the girls have expressed strong vocals and songs reflect his true nature. Unpretty Rapstar Contest dramatic nature. And in which all the singers to show their best to achieve the first position.

Unpretty Rapstar with the participation of 8 she was beautiful and charming rapper: Yook Ji Dam, Lil Cham, Kisum, Jolly V, Jessi (Lucky J’s Jessica Ho), AOA’s Jimin, Tymee, and Cheetah. In each part Unpretty Rapstar will be the present confrontation between the female voice singing specified. The girl was the best performance of his rap rivals than competing. We can say Unpretty Rapstar is a fierce competition and extremely dramatic. The K-pop girl rapper always gives the audience the feeling of fun as he can sing and rap a mature way when carrying the powerful beauty and charm

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