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totally disappointed in this episode.. rlly2 boring. i found myself keep fast-forwarding and skip those scenes that were boring af. yoon san and yu jin aren’t have the chemistry at all. the chemistry between yoon san and gyeo-wool are strong why VD PD-nim doesn’t see that? that’s really obvious. i don’t really hype to wait the ep 12 but i still really love this drama! well much better if gyeo-wool with san… i hope there will be season 2 and then san and gyeo-wool will end up together there hehe

I never felt San had any interest in Gyeo Wool to be frank. He was always pining for Yu Jin. In fact Gyeo Wool seems to have a weird love hate relationship with Goo Hyung which is more electrifying.
I really can’t wait for 38 task force to start, this drama is tiring me and I don’t like how things are turning. I mean nobody wants san to go back to his ex girlfriend, and after all she did he is hugging her as if nothing happened 😒😒! And for god’s sake, why making geoy wool the lead actress if she has no impact on the story
I know now the roadmap story of this Vampire Detective Episode 12 English sub
Shit Taewoo is bastard orchestrated that kind of thing to San-i not only made 90 hyeong and San-i uniform off from police force but because of that Gyeowool’s brother girlfriend being bite by Yoojin. The relief part the brother made the hybrid type so San-i still life a normal human lifestyle not luring in the dark!!!!
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