Wanted Episode 15 Eng Sub

wanted is one of the best to watch good actors and acting skill gives you a chill and every Wanted Episode 15 Eng Sub is worth the wait Love it
That was epic, JG shouldn’t fall for that evil president trap, i knew that JG is going to die and they will have to complete the show without him i was sure when he gave that tape to the producer and told him to use it if he’s dead.

I wonder if the JG’s mother in law will return HW, they have to expose that evil president crimes.
A Wanted Episode 15 Eng Sub drama about a bad Humidifier..lol
Does anyone here know the title of the drama’s preview in the end of this episode?
Am I the only one who really misses Na Soohyun :( Ive been so obsessed with the actor since he died, I even watched a bunch of scenes from his musicals.
That jealousy incarnate trailer got me …

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