Woman with a Suitcase

Drama: Woman with a Suitcase (literal title)
Revised romanization: Kaerieoreul Ggeuneun Yeoja
Director: Kwon Seok-Jang
Episodes: 16
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Status: Ongoing

+ I love reading the comments others write, but leaving spoilers will sometimes ruin an episode or if I am going to binge watch, even the complete drama. I mean, why watch the episode or show when you know everything that is going to happen? It is like watching a movie with someone and they tell you everything that is going to happen before it happens which is really frustrating, especially if it is something I have been really anxious to watch.
+ I don’t like spoilers as well.. so I’m not offending
but why did you read comments before u watch the episode/movie/show? Specially when u binge watching… Sorry, but I never understand of this kind of whining.
+ Hi! I’d like to add my point of view about reading the comments before watching a drama: mostly it’s because the descriptions are so poor that I can’t understand if a drama is worth watching. My time is limited, and I have the bad/good habit to finish something I started, so comments help me not wasting my time.
+ Gonna watch this drama just because it stars Choi Ji Woo and she never disappoints ^^
+ the title turned me off but I didn’t have anything to watch so gave it a try and now I am so hooked on it. It very good and I can’t wait for the next episode.

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